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My group at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Miami is relatively new. We are in the process of hiring more students. If you are interested let us know!



Reserach in my group is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative in- and outside of the University of Miami. Biological research revolves around the development and application of bioinformatics algorithms and computational tools to real biological and biomedical problems. Furthermore, we also focuses on research in the social sciences, where we are interested in the computational analysis of groups and contents in social media and the patterns in the production of scientific knowledge. 

News & Publications




Our paper published in Nature Biotechnology!


In our paper 'Global landscape of cell envelope protein complexes in Escherichia coli' was published in Nature Biotechnology in January 2018. We  present a proteomic survey of 1,347 CEPs encompassing 90% inner- and outer-membrane and periplasmic proteins of Escherichia coli.




​​Department of Computer Science
330M Ungar Building
1365 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146, USA



wuchtys at



+1 305 284 4189



+1 305 284 4122 



Our paper in Science!


In our paper 'New online ecology of adversarial aggregates: ISIS and beyond' that was published in Science in June 2016 we found that pro-ISIS groups on social media platforms apply different ways of being un-detected and follow coalescence-fragmentation rules. Furthermore, the dynamics with which this groups appear on social media outlets harbor a signal that allow the prediction of real world events.